Teen/Adult Classes

Intro to Stitched Books

Instructor: Rowan Shaffer

In this class students will learn how to make hand-stitched blank sketchbooks via a variety of methods such as long stitching and coptic stitching. Each week will cover a new book binding technique. No sewing or book binding experience required-beginner friendly. Note: some sharp tools are used.

Ages: 13 and up

6 weeks Thursdays October 14th to Nov 18th 5:00-7:30

$120 Members

$145 Non Members

Intro to Wearable Foam Props and Costumes

Instructor: Yosara Gonzalez (Bi-lingual)

Students will learn the basics of using EVA craft foam and hot glue to create props and costume pieces from 2D plans. Helmets, armor or whatever you are interested in making. Materials included.

4 Weeks Tuesdays October 5th to October 26th 6:00 to 8:00

$120 Members

$145 Non members


Introduction to Balsa Wood Miniatures

Instructor: Anthony Cundro

Students will learn the basics of using balsa wood to create miniatures of anything they want.

Materials included.

Ages: 16 and up

4 Weeks Tuesdays November 2nd to November 23rd 6:00 to 8:00

$120 Members

$145 Non members