Introducing: Revi Ren - A unique look into the minds behind the Hazleton art scene.

If you look closely, you will notice that Hazleton is filled with individuals with the vision to improve our city, enrich our community, and inspire the world through art.

[endif]--Revi Ren is one of the artistic minds in Hazleton doing just that through teaching, galvanizing the spoken word, and inspiring movement. Sometimes simply known as Ren, her pathway to change is rooted in the classroom, but her creative reach spans the community, as she is an active member of Hazleton POWER, as well as one of the coordinators for the Open Mic Night for AYE7’s First FridAYE, as well as the second annual collaborative poetry jam, which was a huge success during AYE6.

It is impossible not to feel Revi’s creative energy as it radiates from her. The rhythm when she speaks, the way she holds herself, and her ideas – all make it clear that she is a born artist. Originally from New York City, Ren’s inspirational spark ignited when she was only five years old playing teacher with her friends. From there, music and poetry were her earliest media of expression. Over the years, her love for music and poetry evolved into songwriting, freestyling, and dancing.

She revealed that during times of sadness, such as the complexity of young adulthood, writing became a form of catharsis. Transforming it into a discipline; she was fixated on writing down synonyms for words and discovering rhythms.

In college, Ren experienced her first real taste of the visual arts. She studied sociology during most of her university career, but in her final year she dabbled in political science and the arts, specifically drawing and photography. Her photography later became another avenue for her expression, featuring a wide range of black and white city scenes.

Her art naturally spilled into her teaching career. “I write and I teach. Those are the things that manifested into who I am,” she says.

In New York, she taught workshops integrating her many artistic passions. When she moved to Hazleton, her desire to share poetry and music in the classroom followed when she began teaching in West Hazleton. Her unique approach to engaging her students is her superpower.

Walking into her sixth grade classroom, she began, “yo, what’s good How you doin’ today? We’re gonna learn some things, we’re gonna learn it some way,” using rhythm, tempo, and rhyme, all key aspects of poetry and music, she told them.

And, they were enchanted by this new style of learning.

Revi, even at her young age, has so much wisdom to share with Hazleton’s community. She attributed her source of motivation to people who share and communicate that they are inspired.

Finally, Revi shared this message to aspiring artists, “You are enough exactly where you are. Forgive yourself if you get overwhelmed.”

Ren has encouraged artists to continually explore their passions and allow themselves time to recharge from the fast pace of the “default world—“ Through this approach you can map out your own unique trail to success, she believes.

Ren’s current goal is to provide platforms for local artists and educators of all disciplines by coordinating events for them to share their creative visions with the community. Currently, she is spearheading an Earth Day event in downtown Hazleton on April 22nd in accordance with Hazleton POWER’s graffiti painting and the Great PA cleanup. She is organizing community service activities, running recycling and food drives, and setting up artistic crafts using recycled materials. All of this is to promote volunteerism, celebrate our city, provide education into environmentalism, and encourage a stronger knit community.

If you’d like to contact Revi, email her at:


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